Terms & Conditions

For Buyer

Goods sold by Main-Main are 100% authentic and original. All stocks come from:
1. Main-main’s global and local suppliers.
2. Consignment stocks by trusted local independent sellers.

Genuine Product Assurance
Main-Main will refund in full if goods purchased are proven counterfeit within two days of receipt.

Customs & Taxes for International Buyers
Import duties and taxes are NOT included in the product price or shipping fee.

International buyers (out of Malaysia) are responsible to check with your country’s customs department for further information.

Main-Main is NOT liable for any manufacturer defects: Finishing / Imprint / Painting / Joint / Scratch / Electronic parts.

Any request for exchange or refund related to imperfection of product will not be entertained.

Boxes and Packaging
Main-Main is NOT liable for any packaging damages during delivery process: Dent / Prick / Scratch.

Packaging Boxes / exterior boxes (regardless of materials used) are meant for product protection purpose only. These are not considered as any part(s) or component(s) of the product itself.

Any request for exchange or refund related to imperfection of packaging or delivery box(es) will not be entertained.

Main-Main is NOT liable for any loss during delivery process. However, we will assist in lodging complaints to the logistic service provider. Compensation for lost item will be based on logistic service provider’s policy.

Product Shortage Arrangement
1. All orders are on reservation basis
2. NO cancellation / refund after confirmation of order and payment
3. The actual quantity obtained from the manufacturer/supplier might vary from order quantity
4. Fully refund will be issued if your order has been cancelled by brand owner / distributor / supplier which is beyond our control.

Product Release
Final release date of the pre-order item(s) is solely determined by the brand owner or supplier; the actual delivery lead time also depends on the logistic service operator(s) and local customs.

Terms & Conditions

For Seller

How It Works
1. Browse the Want To Buy page on our website to explore potential customers.
2. Fill up the Selling Form with your best offer and submit to Main-Main.
3. Main-Main will assist in closing the deal if buyer is agreeable with the final price.
4. You shall submit actual product photos if requested by the buyer.
5. Main-Main will inform you via Whatsapp if the deal is on. Please make sure your contact detail is correct.

Order and Inventory
Main-Main will reconfirm stock availability with you before we confirm buyer’s order.

You have to update product inventory and availability with Main-Main from time to time via Whatsapp +60122777030

Stock Requirement
All goods must be 100% authentic and original, either brand new/sealed unit or opened and checked unit.  

Genuine Product Assurance
Sellers have to refund in full, including shipping/delivery fees, if goods sold are proven counterfeit.

Trade Model
1. All sales are on consignment basis.
2. Seller has to use our calculator on the website to set your selling base price for Main-Main.
3. All base prices include delivery cost within Malaysia.
4. Payout for seller will be made by Main-Main once buyer receives goods with no complaint.
5. Product selling price set by the seller at the time of submission to Main-Main is locked for 2 months. Main-Main will not accept any reason for seller price fluctuation within that period. However, sellers are to expect price negotiation during dealing process.

All sold products shall be delivered to:
a) Main-Main’s partner warehouse or b) Buyer’s address.

Storage and Warehousing
Main-Main will setup a new warehouse facility for product storage in the near future. We will notify you when the facility is ready. All products shall then be delivered to the warehouse.

Warehouse Policy
Coming soon.