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Colours From Nature Workshop

Colours From Nature Workshop

A workshop by Curative He@rts , Dialoger

Colours From Nature Workshop
Colours From Nature Workshop
Colours From Nature Workshop
Colours From Nature Workshop
Colours From Nature Workshop
Colours From Nature Workshop


Workshop Topic

Therapeutic Art Series Online ClassColours From Nature

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Plant Colours (17 August 2020, Monday 9-11am)
  • Session 2 - Mandala Painting (18 August 2020, Tuesday 9-11am)
  • Session 3 - Learning from Plant Colors (24 Aug 2020, Monday 9-11am)

  • Session 4 - Learning to Love Myself (25 Aug 2020, Tuesday 9-11am)

About the workshop

Our Nature is uniquely filled with vibrant colours unveiled to us in a form of Blossom, Fruits, Leaves and Roots, colours like Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple and many more.

This workshop is perfect for you, your group and your family on bonding, creativity, soothing, relaxation and has a peaceful mind. We would like to present to you the healing experiences and interaction of the art and soul to all of our guests.

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Art Therapy; Therapeutic Art with Nature

Who is it for

  • Age 10 and above; Single, Couple, Friends, Family members

Materials needed

  • Major Material and Acid-Free Art Paper will be delivered to your doorsteps

    Materials require from our guest:
  • Mortar & Pestle
  • Palette/ Few Small Container as Palette
  • Few Round and Flat Tips Painting brushes (any size)
  • Clean rug/ recycle cloth
  • Blossoms/ Fruits/ Leaves/ Roots of Plants (a suggested list will be delivered together with major materials)

    * An Open Heart and Soul

Learning Outcome

  • Great for personal growth, family bonding, ignite creativity and inspiration, soothing, relaxation and have a peaceful mind

Workshop Fees

  • Original Fees Per Session @ RM200/pax X 4 session = RM800/pax
  • Online Class @ RM200/pax for all 4 Session.
  • * Price shown includes postage within West Malaysia only,

      Other Postage will charge accordingly

RM200.00 / pax
Ex Tax: RM200.00