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Mandala Art Workshop

Mandala Art Workshop

A workshop by Ying Ying, Artist

Mandala Art Workshop


About the workshop

Mandala Art is a creative way for you to express feelings. There is no prior art experience necessary and the process is fun! This workshop combines mindfulness and creativity in a unique way in order to provide a space and time for yourself to step back from your busy life. 

What you'll learn

  • The basic technique of Mandala Pattern.
  • Colour theory / Combination of colours.

Who is it for

  • 10 years old above and adults.

Materials needed

  • Acrylic

Learning Outcome

  • Able to create your personal mandala masterpiece in a relaxing environment.
  • Freedom of expressing feelings.
  • Relieve tensions and worries.
  • A completed piece art to hang on any place you like.

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