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A PIECE OF Notebook
A PIECE OF Notebook
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  • Weight: 40.00g
  • Dimensions: 10.40cm x 0.00cm x 14.70cm

Artist Info

A piece of ..... presents unique paper sculptures and handicrafts created with premium papers of various textures and colours. A marriage of traditional and contemporary paper cutting style. Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, the theatrical masks of opera, the many expressions of

human faces, and more. Each specially designed for your paper art collection or as gifts on the special and festive occasions.

Features and Function This dog and pig zodiac notebook was created for note-takers. for those who are born in the year of the dog or year of the pig who love to write down their ideas, thoughts, this notebook may be the perfect one you are looking for! Why don't give it a try? Blank pages of the notebook are suitable for us to draw or sketch our memories! Grab it now before it is sold out.

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