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ZHANG YA WU MAO Designer Toy
ZHANG YA WU MAO Designer Toy
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For many of us, the main purpose of a toy is to bring entertainment to children of all ages and that once we reach a certain age, we are expected to move on from that sentiment or at best it becomes a hobby for collectors to appreciate. But, for character / toy designer AH-B (Ah B), otherwise known as Little Good Thing, toys have left such an impact on him that he made it his life's work. Established in 2012, he created his brand with the goal to convey a positive message and energy that could be felt greater than mere illustrations. By turning fun ideas and characters into toys, he hopes that people can share a sense of joy through his toys. His wood-style custom toys have garnered a favourable amount of attention since its conception and he had the honour of collaborating with designers from Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan.

Features and Function It is a vinyl toy a.k.a. designer toy. Designer Toys, also called art toys and collectibles created by artists and designers that are either self-produced or made by small, independent toy companies, typically in very limited editions. This toy named UnderNeko. Material is soft vinyl, 6 inches tall. UnderNeko can separate into 4 parts which is Head, Body, Eyeball, and Small Brain.

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