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Main Play is an investment division of Main-Main to build a solid value chain in our ecosystem. We invest our resources and partner with creative startups from multiple disciplines to form an integrated creative ecosystem to help each other grow. 
Our recent business portfolios include:

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Lukis-Lukis.      : 
Dweey               :  
Sou.Syok           :  
OneTwoZoom :


Lukis-Lukis is an online platform on which you can search, find and hire the best Professionals Caricature Artists anywhere in Malaysia, 
from your computer, phone or tablet. Just upload your photo and get a funny caricature drawing from your photo by professional caricature artists. Lukis-Lukis create bespoke, unique gifts that sum up the highlights of a person's life, and remind them of the memories you share.


Dweey is a creative brand created by Luk Chee Chew during 2005. The brand started from a little cartoon character and slowly turns into a designer vinyl toy brand. Dweey was crossover with more than 500 artists, designers and design students in South East Asia. Dweey was nominated as The Best Designer Platform Toy in Design Toy Award in USA.


Sou.syok is pronounce as so syok. Sou is the short for for souvenir. Syok is a malay word, it means "seronok" which means fun.
So, sousyok means it's a brand that's fun and exciting. 

Sou.syok, a Malaysia souv enir brand. Founded in 2017 by two friends, Chan Min Shwen and Wern Xin Wei. These two friends aims to promote Malaysia slangs through souvenirs. They hope to create souvenirs that are fun and interesting, so that tourists can see the beauty of Malaysia language and understand more about Malaysian lifestyles. They believe that design adds value to people's lives, sou.syok aims to make good design accessible and relevant to more people.


OneTwoZoom is an online animated short clips title. The main character of the clips is focus on Mr.Think character. Mr. Think was created based on combination idea which came from a robot design and the company's icon, the brain. As a starting path for Mr.Think, he is going to celebrate most of our festival by bringing joyful moment and funny characteristics to audience. Meanwhile, he is not lonely as there are more family members joining Mr.Think's journey.