Go Main

Go Main

"GoMain" is an Art & Craft Event that joint ventured
by Main-Main and Gogokids.

Go Main consolidates all singular Art & Craft Workshops and run them in a carnival / ground event format. All workshops are targeting for kids and family which divided into 2 major target groups:
  • – 4 to 6 Years Old
  • – 7 to 12 Years Old
All workshops will run at a designated venue at the same time. Entrance fee of the event is free but all workshops fees have to be paid by coupons.


To provide an offline marketing platform for art & crafts related educator inclusive of Market test, Awareness, Branding, Customer Leeds, Breakeven Sales.

To provide an AFFORDABLE workshop for kids & parents to experience the Art & Craft in a fun way.

To provide a new contents format for all collaboration partners and sponsors to create market noise

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