UV Resin Jewelry


    This workshop is an introduction to UV resin jewelry. We will show you how to work safely with UV resin as well as introducing different techniques for making UV resin into Jewelry pieces. Customize your very own unique necklace & pendant with the use of UV resin, colorants, glitters and mica powders. Finish the piece with UV-light and your unique accessories is complete.

    Workshop Speciality

    Understand the uniqueness of UV resin and learn the techniques, tips & tricks of how to make it into a beautiful jewelry.

    Who should Attend

    Kids, youth, Teenagers or adults who like to create their own unique jewelry

    Why should Attend

    • To acquire the knowledge of making your own jewelry

    You’ll Learn About

    • Introduction to UV Resin and learn how to work safely with it.
    • Learn different techniques in mixing UV Resin with colorants, glitters & mica powders
    • Learn how to create jewelry using open bezel / frame
    • Learn how to finish the piece with UV-light
    • Learn basic jewelry assembly techniques


    Instructor will prepare all necessary materials for the workshop

    Learning Outcome

    Understanding the overview of UV Resin and the techniques of mixing and layering with colourants, glitters and mica. Besides,  you will bring home 2 sets of necklaces and pendants






    • RM195.00
    • 3 hours


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