Trust your Creativity with Zentangle Drawing Class


    You are about to discover how imaginative, creative and capable you are.

    The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

    You are combining the forms, shapes, lines, dots to create a masterpiece without worrying the result.

    The process of creating Zentangle art piece will help you to reduce stress, improve creativity, boost up self-confidence at the same time.

    Workshop Speciality

    An artistic experience that offers you an opportunity to use the Zentangle Method to discover new skills and abilities for creating beautiful images. At the same time, you likely will learn how to increase your focusing level, creativity and self-confidence.

    Who should Attend

    •  Kids (6 years and above)
    • Adults who appreciate arts and love to draw, requires no artistic experience

    Why should Attend

    • To relax your mind and expand your imagination thru the drawing process
    • To produce a beautiful image without worrying the final results and enjoy the wonderful experience

    You’ll Learn About

    • Understanding of the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method of drawing
    • Basic Zentangle drawing skill included how to combine graphic elements to form a beautiful image
    • Methodology of increase your patient level and expand your imagination during the art work creating process


    Instructor will provide the following materials: Different types of drawing pens, Drawing Paper Tiles

    Learning Outcome

    • Produce a beautiful Zentangle art piece with full of your own imagination and creativity without worry the results
    • Respond confidently to the unexpected and discover the fun and healing in creative expression


    • RM165.00
    • 3 hours


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