Predict the Future You Want from Your Life’s Drawing


    This workshop provides everyone a methodology to explore issues and concerns through drawing process that does not rely on words. It is effective and particularly beneficial for people who have difficulty describing their feelings, thoughts and experiences.

    As a result of this workshop, you will realize your problem points and dilemma in life, the reasons why you could not move forward in life; and discover solutions to all of them. You have the answers in you, you just need to know the blind spots and gaps to solve them, then you could work towards making positive shift in your life.

    Besides, the instructor will provide an effective healing and solution for you to solve your problems at end of the class too.

    Workshop Speciality

    Understand blind spots in life, make a change & craft a better future through the process of drawing.

    Who should Attend

    • Anyone from age group who are stuck in current life problem.
    • Anyone from any age group who interested to rediscover themselves

    Why should Attend

    • To identify the actual problem that affected our mental and judgement
    • Learn the methodology to use your imagination and creatively express yourself from the heart

    You’ll Learn About

    • Know Yourself and Current Situation Clearly Through Art
    • Connect Your Subconscious & Higher Self to Find Answers
    • Understand Blind Spots, Make A Change & Craft A Better Future


    Instructor will provide the following materials: Crayons & Drawing Paper

    Learning Outcome

    • Acquire the skillsets of identifying problems and understand blind spots. These knowledges will help us to develop ourselves into a better and happier person in life.


    • RM165.00
    • 2 hours


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