Plant Colors Painting and Natural Color Pigment Making


    Humankind has created art through plant pigments since pre-history. The workshop will give you the overview of color principles and demonstrate how to apply them. You will learn how to extract the color from the plants, fruits, vegetables and use it as paint on paper to create your own masterpiece.

    Workshop Speciality

    The process of turning plants into color paint which can help you reconnect with nature and develop a mindful sense of presence.

    Who should Attend

    Adults and teenagers who are interested in plant pigments painting to discover any new possibility of colors and nature

    Why should Attend

    • Explore the new possibility of color pigment that process by natural plant
    • Learn to use of color complements in image making to create your masterpiece

    You’ll Learn About

    • The technique of natural paint making from the plants and mineral.
    • The elements of color, including value, saturation, contrast, hierarchy, complements, light and harmony
    • The relationship of color to the natural medium and expression


    Instructor will provide the following materials:

    If you find dropped flowers from your garden,just bring along too.

    Learning Outcome

    • Acquire the new knowledge of color pigment making from mother nature
    • Understand the color theory foundations that applies to all image making, art, illustration and beyond


    • RM195.00
    • 3 hours


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