Fabric Decoupage on Penan Bag


    Decoupage origins from French 1960, means art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs.

    It is one of the technics to transform a plain design into an interesting and fashionable style for an object.

    This workshop offers you an opportunity to hands on and learn the fun decoupage technic to style up a Penan Bag.

    Penan Bag is a craft creation by The Penans, one of the indigenous tribes of Boneo. Besides of acquire the knowledge of decoupage in this workshop, you are indirectly helping and support the entire community of Penan to build a better life for them from poverty.

    Workshop Speciality

    Create & design your own stylish items

    Who should Attend

    Ladies who like to personalize their own fashion items to be a unique one

    Why should Attend

    • Learn the basic technic to customize and beautify your favorite bag
    • To create the one and only Penan Bag design for yourself or give as a gift for your loved one

    You’ll Learn About

    • Overview of composition principle and color study to customize a Penag Bag
    • Technics of decoupage include cutting, sticking and finishing on weaving materials
    • Technics of select the decorative elements and accessories to compose into a nice visual


    Instructor will provide the following materials:

    Plain Penan bag, Decoupage napkins, sponge brush, small paint brush, scissors.

    Learning Outcome

    • Participants will bring home a completed customized design Penan Bag. The bag can be used in daily activities such as shopping, grocery or attend event.


    • RM195.00
    • 3 hours


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