About us

ABout us

We are the creative education futurist

Main-Main is a creative, art and design learning platform. We are partnering with a group of art and design practitioner to organize workshops, events and activities for art lovers and industry professionals.

Our aim is to inspire every individual to create a beautiful and sensible world with the powerful of creativity.

Main-main provide 3 major programs to cover the wide range of art and design knowledges:

Main Play

A wide range of workshops for hobbyist to learn new knowledge and experience of art in a fun way.

Main Method

A powerful Business Class for Design Entrepreneur. We are here to accelerate them to turn an idea into a solid, successful and sustainable creative business.

Main Plus

A series of professional talks and workshop to educate our local SME and Enterprise to understand the impotency of design and transform their company into a design centric corporation

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